Monday, July 28, 2008


Green gone bonkers...

PRIMARY schoolchildren are being encouraged to “spy” on their parents in a manner reminiscent of fascist times, it was claimed this week.

Historian Tim Newark, who lives in Highbury, spoke out after learning of a scheme launched last week at Thornhill Primary School in Barnsbury, encouraging children to turn “climate cop” at home.

Pupils are to look out for taps left running, full kettles boiled for just one cup of tea, and lights left on in empty rooms.

Mr Newark, who has challenged Islington Council’s environment policy in the past, said: “I have a child at school and I get annoyed with the level of propaganda that’s pushed out about climate change.

“Our children, who are so vulnerable, should have a much more balanced view about climate change and the idea that they are going to use this scheme to inform on their parents is really like something out of 1984.”

He added: “These extremists have been dressed up in acceptable clothing. It’s a dreadful throwback to fascist times. Schools should be more balanced.
“It’s a dreadful initiative, which should be brought to a halt.”

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All I could think of when reading the article was the children who tattled on their believing parents in the Soviet Union. Looks like England is about to repeat historical errors.

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