Thursday, June 19, 2008


This year the event is scheduled for September 13. The organization is looking for people to get involved in holding an event in their community. An email from Jonathan Tonkowich, Executive Director, indicates the last two have been financially successful:

The first two Wash for Life's have been huge successes, raising $146,905.95 for pregnancy care centers across the country. We have had over 325 car washes involving thousands of young people. I believe that the Wash for Life will grow into an event with thousands of car washes each year raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for pregnancy care centers.

The Wash for Life website indicates the structure is simple. Someone organizes the event in their own community, and donates the proceeds to a local Pregnancy Care Center. There is a link for sign-up at the website and pictures of past events. If you lead a youth group, consider giving this a try.

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