Wednesday, June 18, 2008


At the risk of boring all of you to death, I want to post a few of the miscellaneous bits and pieces of information that have surfaced while researching the background on the St. Stan's concecration.

Did you know that Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo has launched Vatican III? In an article at Angelqueen.org dated June 5, 2008 you can read:

Ex-communicated Catholic Archbishop, Emmanuel Milingo says the Movement for Married Priests is in the process of establishing the third Vatican Council to shape the future of the renewed Catholic Church.

Archbishop Milingo said the third Vatican Council will be launched in South Korea before the end of this month.

He told ZNBC news shortly before he and his wife Maria Sung left for South Korea that proposals for the foundation have already been made.

Archbishop Milingo also said the movement is preparing for the Universal Peace Federation meeting.

The December 2006 restatement of the celibacy rule was made in response to Milingo according to the website of cult investigator Rick Ross:

Vatican officials have been scandalized by Milingo, trying to privately persuade him to drop his campaign, then openly censuring him when that effort failed.

After the church excommunicated Milingo, Pope Benedict convened a summit last month that the Vatican said examined "the situation created by the disobedience of Msgr. Emmanuel Milingo."

The gathering ended with a reaffirmation of mandatory celibacy for clergy.

Archbishop Peter Paul Brennan, a married priest who was made a bishop by Milingo, acknowledged the tie to Moon would provide more fodder for discrediting Married Priests Now!

Moon's doctrines are considered well beyond the bounds of traditional Christianity.

His followers regard him as "Lord of the Second Advent" who is providing the "physical salvation" Jesus was unable to accomplish because he was executed and didn't marry. Jesus gave only "spiritual salvation," Moon says.

Brennan and others insisted Moon is not directing their movement, which they said remains wholly Catholic.

"He's not involved," Brennan said.

"He shows an interest because of the family aspect."

Asked why Milingo is acknowledging the link now, Brennan said it doesn't harm the movement to work with people "who may be controversial in their faith."

That's quite a display of wishful thinking on the part of Brennan.

I found a "List of Moon Fronts, 1992". The list includes businesses starting with A through I. Registration is required to continue beyond the I's, so I stopped there. The A-I list prints out at eight pages. While I didn't see any blue chip companies there, it is still a long list.

An announcement that Dr. and Mrs. Kim have been chosen as co-chairman of the Unification Church's Universal Peace Federation for North America indicates that Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr. offered congratulatory remarks at the celebration and led the consecration prayer.

Ray Grosswirth, a Rochester, New York married priest ordained by Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo provides three statements in his blog indicating that Married Priests Now! works with CORPUS and with the Unification Church.

CORPUS is an older advocacy group for married and women priests. Their 2008 conference speakers include Matthew Fox, and Priestesses Jane Via, a "Danube River Deacon" "ordained" a priestess in 2006, and Jean Marchant member of Womenpriests, a 2005 "St. Lawrence Seaway ordination".

I'm a doubtful Thomas where the activities of ecumenism and interreligious dialogue are concerned; and so, as I was checking out these websites, it occurred to me that talks would be taking place at some point in the future with these various groups of dissenting Catholics when they form themselves into a single body, which seems to be the direction their activities are taking. That would seem to be the destination of dissent within Roman Catholicism. Today they are excommunicated and "anathema". Tomorrow they become "brothers in the faith". I have to wonder, then, if these dissenters are encouraged to continue in their dissent by the evidence of efforts at reconciliation with all and sundry faiths they see in their landscape? In such a climate, is excommunication viewed as just one more step in the process and no big deal?

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