Wednesday, June 11, 2008


This man is part of the magisterium responsible for the transmission of the faith in this generation! His statement (see bolding below) leaves one open-mouthed in horror.

Certainly all people are equal in God's eyes on the day they are born. God loves sinners. God calls all men to Himself. Violence in the name of God is horrendous. But to claim that the Catholic religion is nothing more than an equal religion with all others...??? And we wonder why churches are closing and people are walking away from the faith! As though the sexual abuse scandal is not enough to discourage Catholics, and more must be done.

The Vatican has given warning that the West's efforts at inter-faith dialogue must not be “held hostage" by Islam and are in danger of becoming "obsessed" with it at the expense of other religions.

Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, head of the Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue, said that the Church “has to have regard for all religions". He said that the council had this week discussed new guidelines for inter-faith dialogue.

“What was interesting about our discussions was that we did not concentrate on Islam because in a way we are being held hostage by Islam a little bit," he told the Catholic website Terrasanta.net. "Islam is very important, but there are also other great Asiatic religious traditions. Islam is one religion."

Pope Benedict XVI has convened an unprecedented Catholic-Muslim forum for October. He has also sought to make amends for his controversial speech at Regensburg University two years ago, when he appeared to suggest that Islam was irrational and inherently violent. He later visited Turkey and prayed at the Blue Mosque in Istanbul alongside the local imam.

However, asked if there was a sense that Islam must not "monopolise" inter-faith dialogue Cardinal Tauran replied: "Yes, people are obsessed by Islam. For example I'm going to India next month and I want to give this message that all religions are equal. Sometimes there are priorities because of particular situations, but we mustn't get the impression there are first-class religions and second-class religions".
(bolding mine)

Read it for yourself!

All religions are equal in the Cardinal's eyes?????? Does he understand even the basics of the Catholic faith?????

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