Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Alberta wants the Catholic schools to distribute the free Gardasil vaccine for girls in pre-sexual encounter age groups. Catholic schools do not want to encourage sexual activity among unmarried girls and propose chastity as the cure for the HPV epidemic that health authorities are citing as the reason the vaccine must be given in schools.

The option to go to the family physician if the parents want the child to have it is countered by claiming it will cost $525 for all three doses, and that is discriminatory. Of course no one seems to be questioning why the vaccine can't be administered free in the physician's office in a nation covered by government sponsored healthcare.

Read the article here.

Meanwhile Gardasil is still not proven absolutely safe:

... there have been serious problems. A 14-year-old girl named Katherine Kimzey experienced debilitating headaches, fainting spells, and arthritis-like stiffness. She became so dizzy she could barely walk, was hospitalized, missed nearly one month of school, and suffered a seizure. Because Katherine’s symptoms began soon after she received her second shot and symptoms seemed to match many of the 5,000 reports filed through a national database that monitors vaccine safety, Katherine’s mother, Michelle, believes the problems stem from Gardasil. “When you read everybody’s stories, they’re too similar not to be related,” Kimzey said.

So it would seem that the Alberta health department is trying to force a vaccination program onto Catholic schools against Catholic religious values in spite of the fact that illness and death is a result of this vaccine in some cases.

But that's not the end of it. Not to discriminate, Gardasil maker Merck & Co. are now considering giving the vaccine to boys as well as girls according to the above article. Do you get a whiff of the odor of money here?

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