Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Pro-life activist and neonatologist Dr. Paul A. Byrne issues a warning on recent changes in legislation permitting organ donation. You may be seriously ill and incapacitated, even near death, and subsequently recover, only to find that you are now missing an organ, according to Dr. Byrne:

Yes, much is being done to get your organs. For an organ to be suitable for transplantation, it must be a healthy organ and must come from a living person. Please wake up! Organ excision does not benefit the person from whom the organs are taken.

Recent news reports of responses in persons declared "brain dead" should have alerted everyone that "brain death" is not true death. In at least two cases, the observed response prevented the organ transplantation protocols from going further. Zack Dunlap later reported how he could hear discussions of his death, but he could not respond at that time. Val Thomas had flat brain waves for 17 hours before her response was observed. While these might be of only passing interest to many, it ought to be of grave concern to every citizen of the United States of America, and the rest of the world.

We are continually bombarded with ads to be an organ donor. We are told that we are giving the "gift of life" in organ donation. We are led to believe that organs are taken for transplantation after true death — i.e., after the heart and circulation stops and there is no known way to restore them. We are seldom, if ever, made aware that after true death, the heart, liver, and other vital organs are not suitable for transplantation.

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According to Dr. Byrne, the only way to prevent the taking of your organs prior to your death is to sign a formal declaration that you are not willing to donate.

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