Monday, June 30, 2008


A priest has decided to be the first to sue the Church in Scotland for tossing him out after his heterosexual relationships were discovered:

Mr Creegan now works in a tax office in Dundee after being forced to leave his former home provided by the church in the city. He currently shares a £350,000 house with former parishioner Anne Ogden, 48, in Balmerino, Fife.

He was reported to be spending nights with Ms Ogden earlier this year, which prompted his jealous mistress to confess a secret sexual relationship, lasting nearly two decades, with the monsignor to Bishop Vincent Logan. The 62-year-old claimed they had taken holidays together and that they even jointly own a boat.

It is understood Mr Creegan later became involved with Ms Ogden after counselling her through the break-up of her marriage.

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Apparently he was not only cheating on his relationship with God, he was also cheating on his relationship with his mistress. And do we even want to ask whether he was instrumental in the breakup of those whom God had joined together?

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