Wednesday, June 04, 2008


ABC 7 News reports on attacks near Catholic University and the National Shrine in Washington:

A string of violent attacks has the religious community around Catholic University on edge.

The assaults have sent several people, including a priest to the hospital.

Groups of young men assaulted five people in just two days last week. All the victims either work for Catholic institutions or were visiting them.

Surveillance camera footage from one of the attacks shows a woman walking back to the Conference of U.S. Bishops from a noontime mass at the nearby National shrine. As she steps off camera, two young males, possibly teenagers, grab and pummel her.

The woman is described as "a very smalish person - barely a hundred pounds".

The story also recounts an attack on two visiting priests from England and Ireland which hospitalized the priests.

The story implies the victims were attacked specifically because they are Catholic.

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