Friday, June 20, 2008


There is a letter to the editor on the website of the Assyria Times, written by the AssyriaSat Staff, taking Catholic News Agency to task for its reporting on the Assyrian bishop's "journey into communion with the Catholic Church". The staff of the paper believe Bishop Ashur B. Soro was defrocked before this movement took place:

Ex-bishop Bawai Soro, aka, Ashur B. Soro, was defrocked in 2005 for misappropriation of church funds and fraudulent conversion of the titles of the church properties he held in his trust during his employment with the ACOE to his own sole corporation. The ACOE court case against Soro was so strong and solid that the Santa Clara Superior Court judge found it unnecessary to go to a trial and granted ACOE a Summary Judgment in October 2007. Perhaps your investigative reporters could look into this case in dept for future reference.

It really struck us that ex-bishop Soro would be so blatantly shameless about something so incredibly disgraceful in the eyes of law-abiding citizens and anyone with the slightest taste for decent journalism. The way Catholic media have chosen to present a proven thief is troublesome at best. And the fact that he would even appear somewhere near a symbol of Christianity should provide further proof that this man is pure evil. The problem is that Soro is being presented as a religious figure with no factual evidence to back it up. Perhaps if Soro was being radical and revolutionary, he would have attracted many; but being a proven thief, a liar and a conspirator, he attracted very few who share his low values, and unholy track records for that matter.

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