Wednesday, June 11, 2008


It looks as though Archbishop Burke has more than an ordination of women in a Synagogue to keep him busy. Once the women are ordained, they want to "priest" and they are doing it in his diocese, though not at a Catholic church.

Check out the home page of The Catholic Action Network for Social Justice, where you will find "Women Led-Prayer". They offered a "liturgy" on May 24th at The Center for Theology and Social Analysis on Newstead street. Links are provided as well for other "liturgies" performed by this group.

There is also an announcement for glbt Catholics titled "Catholic, Open and Affirming" Curriculum."

Also don't miss the announcement for Call to Action. Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong was a presenter.

And then there was the "Lay Synod". (I'm not even asking...!)

When you've finished with that webpage, move on over to the announcement here about the latest ordinations that took place on November 11th in St. Louis. The Justice for Women in the Catholic Church (JWCC) works with the Women's Ordination Conference.

St. Louis Catholic reports:

10 June 2008
Decree on Sr. Louise Lears Forthcoming

Saint Louis Catholic has learned that Sister Louise Lears, SC has been served with a decree by His Grace, Archbishop Raymond L. Burke, on or about yesterday.

I do not yet have the contents of this decree, but it appears that Sr. Lears will be leaving St. Louis. An email from a person friendly to Sr. Lears' cause indicates that she plans to move to Baltimore and will assist her mother there. The communication also indicates that Sr. Lears intends to publish a response to the decree once it becomes public.

Sr. Lears is a member of the "Pastoral Team" at St. Cronan Parish, and had previously appeared before the Archbishop on January 15, 2008, pursuant to a canonical admonition and summons to answer the charges of rejection of a truth of faith under canon 750, and of causing grave scandal. As reported here and elsewhere, she was involved in the Advent Vespers protest with Rabbi Susan Talve, and has been linked to support of women's ordination. She is also involved with the ponderously-named Center for Theology and Social Analysis, which, among other things, is now hosting the infamous "Women-led Liturgies" of the "Catholic" Action Network.

I don't envy Archbishop Burke his job! It's easier to be a wife and mother.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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