Monday, May 19, 2008


Chapter 7 of Hirschman and Yates' book addresses cemetary records. The authors have listed the names contained on grave markers at a number of Scotland's cemetaries. For my purposes, I found the names Stuart/Stewart, Kennedy, Sinclair, Geddes, and Templeton most significant--Stewart because of Prince Michael Stewart, Kennedy because of the Kennedy family's prominence in America, Sinclair for obvious Roslin Chapel associations, Geddes because I believe there is a possible Anthroposophical connection with him, and Templeton because of the John Templeton Foundation. The authors also mention that the French name Maurice is a form of Moses, something I did not know.

The chapter also contains many pictures taken in Scotland of gravestones and architectural structures with Jewish symbols carved into them, including Cabalah symbols.

In addition to the cemetary lists, there are poll tax lists, and occupation lists such as "watchmaker", "goldsmith", and "glassmaker" lists. The authors are attempting to add credence to their claim of Jewish names in Scotland.

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