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In the course of doing research into things that have been hidden, it often happens that I click on a link that reveals a whole new world--an ugly world that is frightening. Something like that has happened over the last few days, and I'm still reeling.

I had been reading through the lists of articles in the website The Masonic Trowel where I found the article on Albert Pike's mysticism, and the paper on the history of Scottish Masonry by Eric Wynants. Both of those articles seemed to me to be reasonable research worth noting. Then I clicked on another link in the website--one that took me to Chapter VIII of Lt. Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr's book THE HIDDEN POWER BEHIND FREEMASONRY - "Jewish Influence on Freemasonry".

There are blatant statements in this chapter that at first appeared to back up other sources I've cited. For example, the chapter opens with the following claims:

Beginning with this chapter we will get into an in-depth discussion of FREEMASONRY and the "Hidden Power" which makes it operate and successful.

Much has been said about the Jewish, or maybe it would be more accurate to say the Zionist, interests which influence Freemasonry. Few members of the lower orders know the significance of this, or its importance to them. This is especially true if they are Christians.

There is no doubt that the Zionist question MUST be linked with the MASONIC question. At present, as in the past, Zionist world leaders, and men in high positions with the Masonic organization, have worked "hand in glove" for a universal world revolution, which will bring in the One-World Church and a One-World Government. Many Masonic Lodges are exclusively Jewish, as are the B'nai B'rith Lodges, the mother of the infamous and very dangerous Anti-Defamation League, which is an unregistered agent of a foreign government (Israeli) which has been allowed by our government to operate unhindered on American soil.

Well, it had my attention, needless to say. I moved on to Chapter X, "Modern Judaism", also contained in The Masonic Trowel website, and found more of the same sort of bold claims. For some reason a red flag started waving. Who is this Lt. Col. Gordon (Jack) Mohr?. I found a bio at the Scriptures for America website. Mohr sounded legitimate. He really was a Colonel in the U.S. Army, with what seemed to be a shining war record. But what else was there.

About then the name William J. Cork caught my attention in the Google search on Mohr. William J. Cork is a Texas deacon with a website of apologetics for Catholicism. He's pretty well known among Catholic journalists.

Turns out this webpage is a response to Robert Sungenis' comments on "Reflections on Covenant and Mission." And as luck would have it, it turns out that Sungenis used Mohr as one of his resources, and Cork was making a point of it.

There is a war between Sungenis and Cork. That's pretty obvious from the website. It struck me as a shouting match. A turnoff. I scrolled through it hastily until I got to the subheading "Lt. Col. Jack Mohr, White Supremacist". Oh really? There are side-by-side quotes from Sungenis and Mohr, and Cork claims Sungenis plagarized Mohr. It looks rather convincing.

Back to Google. What else would turn up?

There is a letter, penned by Mohr on May 5, 2000, at Scriptures for America. It's addressed to Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. It begins:

Rabbi Eckstein:

I do not want any more of your perverted Jewish material coming to my address. From now on, all of your material will be thrown away without being opened.

Not all Christians are "dumb goyim", as your letter shows you believe.

and goes on from there in the same vein up to the conclusion. Mohr signs it "For God and Country". Could that really be the same God I worship? The letter is filled with hatred. Christ did not come to bring hatred.

A link at the bottom of the letter is supposed to take me to Jack Mohr's webpage. It doesn't work.

Returning to Google I found a biography of Colonel Jack Mohr in the Keltic Klan Kirk website. The first item in the website is a paper written by Mohr titled "This Time Bomb Called Zionism". Further down in the website I noted this one belongs to Pastor Joe Johnson, Keltic Klan Kirk of YHVH. A link below his name took me to "Aryan Reformation Ministries". Here is the link, but you really don't want to go there. Talk about anti-Semitic! It's enough to make me consider inviting a Jew to dinner to apologize. This is being done in the name of the God I believe in? It violates everything I believe in as a Christian. Pastor Joe Johnson has included his address at the bottom of the website as Malvern, Arkansas.

Is Bill Cork correct in demonstrating Sungenis' plagarism of Mohr? Did Sungenis use this source knowingly, or was he oblivious to Mohr's dark side? If he did use it knowingly, his work must be anathema to this Catholic.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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