Tuesday, May 06, 2008


It is tempting, now that the sexual abuse scandal is fading from the headlines, to conclude that all is well in the priesthood. Two things oppose that conclusion:

1. The fact that the religious orders have skated under the radar, and

2. The fact that no news source ever looked at either priestly homosexual involvement with adults or priestly heterosexual involvement.

Now comes this curious story about a priest from a Nigeria-based religious order called the Missionary Society of St. Paul:

FORT WORTH -- A Roman Catholic priest who had sex with two female inmates at Federal Medical Center Carswell is headed to a prison cell of his own.

Vincent Inametti, a missionary from Nigeria who is a naturalized U.S. citizen, worked as a chaplain at the medical center in Fort Worth from Aug. 13, 2000, through Sept. 26.

He was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Terry Means on Monday morning to 48 months in federal prison on two counts of sexual abuse of an adult ward in custody....

The Justice Department's Office of Inspector General received a complaint in March 2007 detailing sexual involvement between Inametti and an inmate identified in documents as D.D., who was serving an 11-year sentence for possession with intent to distribute cocaine. An investigation revealed another sexual involvement between Inametti and an inmate identified as E.R., who was serving a sentence of 12 years, 7 months for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute marijuana. Both inmates were under the "custodial, supervisory, or disciplinary authority" of Inametti.

On or about Feb. 18, 2006, Inametti directed D.D. to the chapel library for sex. In June or July 2006, Inametti summoned E.R. to a classroom in the chapel for sex.

He pleaded guilty to both counts against him in November.

Read it here...

According to the article the judge claimed: "This is rape and this is sodomy." and referred to Inametti's crimes as "surprisingly heinous". According to testimony one of the victims thought she was in love with Inametti, and the two victims were rivals for Inametti's affection.

The priest had been given limited faculties to hear confessions and offer Mass in the prison in 2000. Before 2000 he had served parishes in the diocese.

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