Monday, May 05, 2008


In an online discussion about faith sponsored by Newsweek Magazine and the Washington Post, R. Albert Mohler, Jr., president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, had the following to say about Benedict's recent U.S. visit during which he defended the truth of the Catholic faith, according to Towers online, the news service of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary:

"The secular press and a good many non-Catholic church leaders expressed outrage and offense at the Pope's comments — assuming that such teachings were simply out of place in the modern world," Mohler wrote. "But Benedict was restating the tradition and teachings of his church — and he did so because he cared for those he believes are outside the blessings of grace he is certain are given to those in the communion of his church — and to that communion alone."

Mohler even expressed appreciation that the pope would care about Protestants like himself.

"I actually appreciated the Pope's concern," he wrote. "If he is right, we are endangering our souls and the souls of our church members. Yet, I am convinced that he is not right — not right on the papacy, not right on the sacraments, not right on the priesthood, not right on the Gospel, not right in understanding the church."

Mohler cited the Pope's statements at in a 2006 speech at Regensburg, Germany, and at his baptism of a prominent Muslim convert this past Easter as examples of Benedict's strong advocacy of Roman Catholic doctrine.

"His statements about the address and the baptism — and the general question of Islam — were perfectly in keeping with Catholic doctrine since Vatican II," he said. "Evangelicals can admire his boldness without appreciating his inclusivism."

Benedict would have a lot easier job defending the faith if our last pope had done so as well instead of giving the world the impression that we were inviting the world's religions into Roman Catholicism. Benedict's comments would hardly come as a shock if he were following the reign of Pius XII.

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