Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Dr. Stephen Yulish has sent me a link to his article published in UFO Digest in which he makes the above claim.

The article recounts his journey from Judaism, into New Age, culminating in his belief in Jesus Christ.

There has been a resurgence of late in the ancient Jewish mystical practice of Kabbalah as a result of many Hollywood types, some Jewish and some not, falling into this spiritual delusion. Don't be fooled, dabbling in this type of endeavor can have serious consequences on you and your children's lives. I am not going to quote scripture to you or give you an intellectual argument for avoiding Kabbalah. I am going instead to tell you a real story about one person's descent into the spiritual arrogance of Kabbalah and hope that it scares the hell out of you. That person was me!

While I was brought up in a more or less traditional Jewish household and went to an after school Cheder (Hebrew School) from age 9-13 to prepare for my Bar Mitzvah, I was always interested in way out things. I loved science fiction novels and as a young teen even wrote a story for Analog Science Fiction magazine about life on Mars. My interests gradually moved into study of philosophy, religion, and mysticism. I became what the Bible speaks of as a Gnostic. I wanted to commune directly with God. Forget the traditional religions and their outdated practices. I was trying to find knowledge (gnosis) of God.

He meditated, studied astrology, numerology, UFOs, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism. He discovered the Zohar which spoke of astrology, reincarnation, spirit guides and other related issues. He delved into the prophecies of Edgar Cayce. While a professor at the University of Arizona, he had a paper published in a feminist journal titled "Adam: Male, Female or Both", which addressed androgyny, and a novel, THE OTHER WORLD, which glorified Adam's supposed first wife Lilith.

He left the university and became director of the Jewish National Fund in Phoenix and continued to pursue his interest in Kabbalah. He vouches for the authenticity of automatic writing:

I began to do spontaneous drawings (automatic writing) at my desk. These strange detailed bizarre pen and ink pictures would materialize out of the hand of a man who could only draw stick figures. A secretary from the next office spotted them and it turned out that she was a witch. I kid you not. Satan was on my trail. She and I would take turns reading each others minds. She introduced me to an astrologer who said I had the best chart of anyone since Buddha.

I decided to send my drawings to Ruth Montgomery a leading psychic and author. She wrote me back and told me I had to go see Ann Puryear a leading psychic in Phoenix and follower of Edgar Cayce. I did, and that began a couple year excursion into the dark side of the New Age movement. Ann's husband Herb was setting up a metaphysical university and he wanted me to teach Kabbalah-Jewish mysticism. I sent my drawings to a Kabbalistic Journal where they were published for all to see. I showed them to the Rabbis that I knew in Phoenix. At this time I was working for the Jewish Federation and knew them all. They loved the drawings, many of which looked demonic and evil (to me now). They encouraged me to publish them in a book. We talked on gilgul and how many great rabbis had spirit guides (demons!).

There is more, but it would be better if you read it directly than just to read my stumbling recreation of it. I will tell you this, he ends the story with the following:

Beware of any discipline that tells you that it will teach you how to be God. There is only one God and it ain't you or me. Also, be thankful that our God has the mercy and grace to save a worthless sinner like me. There is no sin, not even Kabbalah, that cannot be washed away by the blood of Jesus.

It's the same thing I've been saying, but coming from the pen of someone who has experienced the journey from Judaism to Christianity, it has a lot more of an impact. Go read his story.

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