Sunday, April 27, 2008


A vote for Catholic truth in advertising...If the station calls itself Catholic, it should actually be Catholic.

For 24 years the Rev. Chris Rose has been the voice of WJMJ radio's "Sunday at Six," a religious program from the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut, so when word trickled down a few weeks ago that his show was being canceled, he was shocked.

Of course, Rose asked why the station's owner, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Hartford, was taking this step.

The answer, he said, was more upsetting than the cancellation itself.

The archdiocese is eliminating most of its Protestant shows, switching to a primarily Catholic format, and has not yet decided how, or in what numbers, ecumenical programming will continue.


I read this as an early indication that Benedict's visit has generated a change in the wind back to enthusiasm for the religion we claim to embrace.

Tellingly, the article says:

...Whealon, who died in 1991, specifically sought to create an ecumenical station as a way of complying with the spirit of Vatican II.

Perhaps the "spirit" has expired.

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