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Paolo Soleri...

Artist and philosopher Paolo Soleri, the architect behind Arizona's Arcosanti village, is headed to Rome as a speaker for the April 14-16 Building Well to Live Better, a conference organized by the Roman Catholic Church to address sustainability and the environment.

As a major international real estate owner, the Catholic church can play a key role in sustainable architecture and design, the announcement released Monday said. Most participants will be priests involved with restoration projects and new developments.

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Here is the reason I would not expect him to appear at a Catholic conference:

Lindisfarne Association

Scroll down the page to the heading "The Roster of the Fellows for 2008". There you will see Soleri's name along with a stellar cast of globalists and new agers including Anthroposophists Christopher Bamford, Arthur Zajonc, and Robert McDermott; Hazel Henderson; James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis, creators of Gaia Theory; Dulce and Michael Murphy, co-founder of Esalen Institute, writer David Spangler; Maurice Strong, founder of Crestone; Paul Winter and James Parks Morton of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine; and more.

Lindisfarne was founded by William Irwin Thompson. Of the man, Answers.com has the following to say:

In the 1970s, Thompson began to explore the possibility of a new culture emerging in the light of occult, spiritual, and new consciousness movements. In Passages About Earth (1974), he analyzed the alternative cultures of Paolo Soleri, H. G. Wells, Werner Heisenberg, Aurelio Peccei and his Club of Rome, the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo, the Institute for World Order and W. Warren Wagar, C. F. von Weiz├Ącker of the Max Planck Institute, and the Kundalini yogi Pandit Gopi Krishna. The book contains observation into the nature and impact of various New Age movements and lifestyles of the established technological nation-states.

Thompson was most favorably impressed by the alternative culture of Findhorn Foundation, the pioneering Scottish New Age community established by Peter and Eileen Caddy in 1962 as "a training center for the embodiment of universal consciousness in those who recognize their path is one of world service." He also visited the ruins of Lindisfarne, a monastery on Holy Island off the coast of Northumberland, England; it was founded by St. Aidan in 635 C.E. Later, Thompson founded the Lindisfarne Association in Southampton, New York, as an educational community for cultural transformation in a new synthesis.

Have we no experts of our own so that we have to borrow from the opposition to staff Catholic conferences?

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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