Wednesday, April 30, 2008


That is the title of a program across the pond with many branches. I found it described in this website :

Making a wonderland for wildlife - amid England's former “dark satanic mills” – might sound like an unusual way to celebrate Pentecost. But that's exactly what's being promoted by Bradford's Hope08 team.

Christians in villages, towns and cities across the UK are uniting for this Hope08 high point - 'hope where you live' - as part of Pentecost. The aim nationally is to accumulate one million ‘hours of kindness’.

Pictured is Prince Caspian from the "Chronicles of Narnia", sword at the ready. This program is being spun as a "knightly" endeavor, prompting me to wonder if it is Rosicrucian in origin.

Another of the Hope2008 branches caused me to do a doubletake. Check out the video here. The website poses as dark and evil, yet what is being promoted should be seen as light and bright. It's confusing in its images, and thus attention grabbing and unsettling.

The rest of the links at the Hope2008 website are less dramatic and resemble more the typical Christian Church imagery.

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