Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Catholic League president William Donohue offers his predictions for what the pundits will say during the upcoming visit of Benedict. Yes, I think he is spot on, at least with the areas of criticism that will make the news.

I also think he is spot on with his claim that Benedict will be compared unfavorably to JPII. That, by the way, is not my opinion. I much prefer an intellectual to an actor. I base my conclusion that the comparison will be unfavorable on my mother-in-law's opinion. She's a little old Polish lady a few months short of 90 and feisty. Oh yeah, feisty. She doesn't hesitate to tell me she doesn't like the current pope. I haven't yet had the opportunity to ask her why. It may be just the fact that he isn't Polish, but there may be more to it.

In any case she is so typical of the little old ladies with their rosary beads that I personally believe have held the Church together through prayer while the liberals were spinning out of control. So her opinion does count, and I suspect she shares it with a lot of her contemporaries. It will be interesting to see if she and Bill Donohue are right.

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