Friday, April 04, 2008


At the LewRockwell.com website Thomas E. Woods, Jr. has reviewed the book THE REVOLUTION A MANIFESTO by Ron Paul. It opens this way:

Whatever your expectations for Ron Paul’s book The Revolution: A Manifesto, I can say with confidence that they have been exceeded. By a mile.

Ron Paul has produced the kind of book that changes the person who reads it. It is one of the most persuasively argued and beautifully written defenses of the free society I have ever encountered. No president, no presidential candidate, indeed no American politician has ever written anything like this. But that is such faint praise, and such an unjust understatement, that I almost regret uttering it.

From the first page of this book to the last, Ron Paul tells his fellow Americans things that – if the usual political and media fare we are offered is any indication – they are not supposed to hear. As I’ve said in another context, Ron Paul’s The Revolution: A Manifesto is, to the establishment, rather like the man who shouts out in the middle of the show how the magician is really sawing the woman in half.

What does it cover? Oh, just the Constitution, war, terrorism, the economy, trade, civil liberties, the war on drugs, the dollar, gold, abortion, executive orders, taxation, the housing bubble, the Federal Reserve, education, health care, the environment, conservatism, entitlements, foreign aid, regulation, and presidential war powers.

In order to make progress toward liberty, economist and libertarian Murray Rothbard used to say, the benign façade of the state has to be dramatically torn down. The people must be made to understand that this institution, which they’ve been taught to venerate since elementary school as the expression of the popular will, is ripping them off.

Well, this is the book Murray was waiting for.

Frankly, after exploring the beliefs of the Libertarians and Randians, this review makes my stomach churn. Given the moral failure of Bill Clinton, who comes along with the pro-abortion Hillary; given the O'Bama religion exposed by Jeremiah Wright, and O'Bama's position on abortion which includes death to aborted infants born alive; and given the impression that John McCain represents business as usual which can't bring anything good; I fear that Ron Paul is coming up in the political world as a candidate of last resort. Even if he doesn't garner many votes in this presidential election, I fear his star will continue to rise with the help of Thomas Woods and other Libertarians, and I fear for the next generations when his dream finally comes true.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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