Tuesday, April 22, 2008


American Life League is asking Catholics to dump their HBO channel subscription until Bill Maher is fired from his late night talk show. All Headline News claims there are already 17,000 signatures on the online petition.

You can view a clip of Maher at the American Life League website, and then sign the petition if you're so inclined.

I won't be signing it since I've never seen Bill Maher. We don't subscribe to HBO, and it looks like for a Catholic that is possibly a good thing since I get the impression they are prejudiced against Catholics.


There is also a Don't fire Bill Maher petition at Profiles Blog. It has 8 signatures so far.

I can see merit in both viewpoints. Maybe I should change my mind and sign both of them?

Or how about a third blog--"Suspend Bill Maher For 90 Days Without Pay" and make him stand in the corner with the dunce hat on? Except that it is not stupid, but more likely a real jolt to ratings to get yourself made the subject of TWO (and possibly THREE!) national petitions.

So how about "Ignore Bill Maher"?

But then, I didn't see the show.



There are more "Don't Fire Bill Maher" petitions


Here (This one has 28 signatures. Impressive, since the others have less than 10.)


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