Saturday, April 26, 2008


I've just completed round two of the blood clot routine. I now have one in my elbow, discovered last November, from which the swelling has not gone down. I also have a second one at the base of my neck. I'm back on the pig intestine mucous shots until my blood clotting factor reaches a therapeutic level. This second clot has developed while I've been taking blood thinners that are not only supposed to prevent more clots from forming but was also supposed to dissolve the one that is still showing up on the ultra-sound. In the meantime all cancer drugs have been suspended. Fortunately they let me come home from the hospital after just one night.

This episode taught me a few lessons.

1. DON'T go to the hospital emergency room on Friday, even if your doctor tells you to go, unless you are near death or in terrible pain. If by chance you get admitted, chaos will be your constant companion. If at all possible, wait until Monday morning to address the problem.

2. DON'T seek treatment from doctors who practice at two different hospitals. The chaos that follows this mistake is nearly impossible to sort out.


4. DO take all of your meds with you when you leave for the hospital, packed in the original prescription container. Some hospitals do not carry specialty drugs you may be taking, and if you don't have them with you, you will not be able to continue taking them. I'm still considering the prospect of secreting two or three doses of all meds separate from the perscription bottles, so that when the perscription bottles get sent to the pharmacy for verification, I can still take my perscription medication on schedule by using the hidden supply, even when the pharmacy fails to return the prescription bottles in time.

It has not been a good 48 hours!

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