Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"TO ELIMINATE THE OPIATE" Vol. 2 - By Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman

"The Sufi - Black is Beautiful"

As far as the fecundity principle is concerned, there are several accounts of how the previously discussed book V'Avo Hayom El HaAyin caused widespread sexual anarchy in Jewish communities....

A concept advanced by the book was that if one beheld the act of sexual intercourse, one would become very brilliant. It was also maintained that Moses had added a special element to this, that better than observing others engaged in the act of intercourse...is to have interracial intercourse.
(p. 111-112)

...Edwin Ginn, of the Ginn publishers, issued the first American edition of the notoriously anti-Semitic The Protocols of the Elders of Zion long before Henry Ford. (p. 115)

...the CFR embodies the commitments of its founder Colonel House to Gnostic Illuminism and Socialism, out of which grew the United Nations. (p. 116)

Sufism is a mystical Gnostic belief that predates Islam considerably, but became incorporated into it. Illuminati, Communism, Atheistic pantheism, sexual fantasy, antinomianism, Satanism, radical eschatology, apocalyptic cataclysm are all important elements of it, as are a lust for power and wealth.

The Sufis interfaced with the power elite of the United Nations. The meditation room of the United Nations is Sufi Gnostic.

In the Sufi mysticism, the color black plays an important role. The black altar of Mecca, the Kaaba--Holy of Holies--is draped in black. The banner of Mohammed was black. It means war. The Illumination concept of Sufism is embodied in Sufi rituals perpetrating the alternation of light and darkness, of black and white, such as laying alternate black and white cloths on a floor or alternately kindling and extinguishing a lamp....

The Rosicrucians adopted almost literally the teachings of the Spanish Illuminist Sufis. The rose cross symbolism of Rosicrucianism is derived from the founder of the Sufi order of Abdul-Kadir El-Jilani called the Rose of Baghdad....

The Sufis pretentiously consider themselves to be the originators of medieval Jewish kabbala and the source of the Zohar.
(p. 117)

The Sufi introduced the four letter word f--- into medieval English....

I...regard the Crusades as Sufi plots....

...kissing under the mistletoe is a Sufi emblem...
(p. 119)

Former UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold was consideered to be a Sufi. (p. 120)

Freemasonry supports the Islamic concepts of conquest of Judaism and its destruction as taught in the Koran, and today the Dome of the Rock is a perpetual symbol of the destruction of the Temple....the Caliph who built the Dome actually built it as a synagogue for the Jews. It was after his death that it was changed to a mosque....

Graves maintains that Freemasonry began as a Sufi society, reaching England in the tenth century, and that the Knights Templar introduced it into Scotland in the fourteenth century under the guise of a craft guild.
(p. 121)

Mary Baker Eddy, founder of the Christian Science Church employed the crown cross symbol. Mary Baker Eddy was close with Theosophical Society Satanist Madam Blavatsky. (p. 122)

The publication in 1981 of Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Baigent, Lincoln and Leigh stirred up much controversy among scholars of the occult and Gnosticism. One aspect concerning the book's main secret society involved The Cult of the Black Virgin (title of a book by Ean Begg). There happen to be well over 400 statues of the Virgin Mary in European churches in which the Virgin Mary is depicted as Black. There is the hypothesis that these statues owe their origin to Gnostic/Sufi Christians who secretly worshipped the Black Egyptian goddess Isis, that was transmitted into other pagan societies such as Rome as the worship of the Earth Mother. Gershom Scholem has traced the incestuous practices of the Sabbatians to that of the Earth Mother worship, which was preserved by an Islamic sect. (p. 123)

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