Friday, March 14, 2008


by Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman

It should be repeated that Marx was HIRED by the Bund hierarchy to write the Manifesto. Furthermore, when one examines more of Karl Marx's writings and philosophy, he will find that they were not original. There were contemporaries of his, such as men in the Christian Socialist Movement in England, who made statements prior to Marx that are attributed to Marx as the original source, when he was only repeating what others had already said.

Marx's family is not only linked with the Rhodes-Milner-Rothschild nexus, but with the Rockefeller dynasty as well....

Karl Marx's father, Heinrich (1782-1838), was the son of Chief Rabbi of Trier (Treves) Germany, originally known as Rabbi Meir Levi. He changed his surname to Marx, which became the family name of the next generation. Rabbi Meir Levi's father-in-law was the previous Chief Rabbi of Trier, Rabbi Moses Lwow, son of a most celebrated and brilliant scholar-Talmudist and foe of the Sabbatian conspiracy, Rabbi Joshua Heschel Lwow (1692-1771). Rabbi Lwow was also very prominent in exposing the conspiracies of Jonathan Eibeschutz and was a close colleague of the champion heroic master exposer
par excellence--Rabbi Jacob Emden (1697-1776). (p. 15-16)

The Russian Revolutions had their first beginnings through the Illuminati of DePasqually and St. Martin, which catalyzed, together with the Asiatic Brethren, a plethora of radical, secret societies that flourished especially in Southern Russia. (p. 28)

Shortly after Lenin came to power (1917), he established a Jewish Affairs section in the Communist Party, manned by self-identity hating Jews...They tried to bring the Bolshevik idea into action by abolishing the practices of Judaism and their goal was to impose the proletarian dictatorship among the Jewish masses. They used voodoo methods to strike out Judaism wherever it was possible. They had a reign of terror upon Jewish communities, synagogues, Rabbinical seminaries, and elementary and intermediate schools where the Torah was taught. Libraries were confiscated and holy books burned. They were willing to support a Yiddish press that would propagandize Communism among the Jews in Russia, but they would not allow any continuation of Torah observance, and would stop at nothing to prevent it. Religious education was prohibited... (p. 61)

Early on, Lenin laid the foundation for what is called today liberation theology among the Catholics, and Islamic Fundamentalism among the Arabs, a derivative of the Bolshevik Party's "Islamic Marxism". The success of this lay in infiltrating these religions with agents, often even clergy, who professed to be anti-Communist but, indeed, were pro. Accordingly, the KGB has operated a Yeshiva to train their own brand of so-called rabbis in Romania. One of their graduates was installed by them as Chief Rabbi of Kiev and informed the KGB about Jewish dissent there, even leading to the arrest of underground Rabbis who were involved in circumcising Jews clandestinely in the 60's and 70's, while it was against the law.

The roots of Islamic Marxism were laid down by the Bolshevik Party during the years 1910-1919, as has been documented by A. Taheri in his
Holy Terror: Inside the World of Islamic Terrorism. Islamic Marxism as an ideology is supported by the Communist Parties of Afghanistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

One by-product of this activity was the establishment of the Communist Hizbullah by the Ayatollah Khomeini, who built his power base with Islamic Communists of Iran, Syria and Libya....Abbas Zamani, a major Hizbullah organizer in Lebanon and Pakistan is a prominent KGB agent.
(p. 63-64)

Lenin's liberation theology had its roots in Gnostic Communist theology... (p. 65)

The world's perception that Communism is dead is misleading. It is in a new phase. There is today an appearance of freedom of worship for Jews in Russia. However, this was forced on Russia under Gorbachev pursuant to world opinion against Jewish persecution, resulting in large numbers of Jews emigrating from Russia, mostly to Israel. However, today it is very difficult to emigrate, and the Gulags are still functioning with their annual toll of tortured and dead prisoners. (p. 71)

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