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"TO ELIMINATE THE OPIATE" by Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman

"The Holocaust--Sabbatian Burnt Offerings"

There is a direct line between the Sufi and the Shoah. The word Holocaust is pejorative. It means burnt offerings, and if one checks a dictionary prior to World War II, he will find only that one definition. David Zeitlin has inveighed against the term, and so have other historians who want to know who hung this word upon us. (p. 201)

Jacob Frank received financial remuneration from the Aga of the Sufi to aid him in the Frankist plans to exterminate Jews and Judaism in Bucharest, Romania on November 6, 1757....

In the case of those Sabbatians who outwardly professed to be Jews, the child on the day of his circumcision was secretly baptized into Christianity. Professor Judah Leibes of the Hebrew University, in his
Sabbatian Secrets, documents two such cases, one being that of Jonathan Eibeschutz (1690-1764), who was baptized as a Luthern, and Moses Porges (1781-1870). (p. 202)

...during the months of June and July 1915, the Sultan of Turkey issued orders for the massacre of the Armenians right after Sufi Whirling Dervishes danced in front of him. Those orders resulted in the mass murder of Christian Armenian men, women and children. This was followed by the murder of approximately five million Russian dissidents under Lenin for the sake of order in the Revolution. Stalin exterminated the peasant class of Kulaks, estimated to be about four million, helping to solve the problem of entrepreneur farmers and their threat to Communism. (p. 206-207)

Hitler was really the product of an adulterous relationship between his mother, Klara Polzl, and a Sabbatian Frankist (1861-September 21, 1928), who was Hitler's real father. The Frankist Sabbatians had a ritual on the 9th of Av, which is observed by Jews as a fast day commemorating the destruction of the First and Second Temples. This night, the Sabbatians secretly observed as incent and adultery night. However, there is a persistent rumor that Klara was artificially inseminated that night....

Rabbinic Court testimony claims that not only Hitler's real father was a Sabbatian, but his maternal great grandfather as well; i.e., Klara's maternal grandfather, who fathered her mother out of wedlock.
(p. 207)

There is evidence that Hitler maintained close contact with Sabbatians throughout his lifetime. (p. 208)

The nucleus of the New Age movement of today by and large subscribes to the concept of exterminating undesirable people. For example Barbara Marx Hubbard, author of The Book of Co-Creation, states that one-fourth of humanity "must be eliminated from the social body". Among her gurus are Shirley MacLaine and Rupert Sheldrake. With New Age charitable trusts such as the Youngwood Institute, one finds disgust of the Jewish and Christian groups that have to be exterminated. Accordingly, in the next "burnt offering" being planned, religious Jews and so-called fundamental Christians are at the top of the list.

Interestingly, according to the
New American (October 30, 1995), Barbara Hubbard has coordinated her activities with the Soviet Peace Commission, which was established by Stalin to carry out penetration and subversion of foreign countries. She is also a former director of the Federal Union founded by Fabian Soocialist scholar Clarence Streit.

In order to effectuate these plans, a popular trust has been established called the Gorbachev Foundation, which is housed at the Presidio in San Francisco. Their activities attract several people, such as Microsoft wizard Bill Gates, media mogul Rupert Murdoch, futurist Alvin Toffler, Senator George Mitchell and the late Carl Sagan.

At a convocation held in 1995, the foundation set the year 2000 to target the priorities, values and actions necessary to exterminate one-quarter of the world's population in the name of humanism. Gorbachev declared that "we have to...gear consumption more to people's cultural and spiritual needs...and within the framework of the laws, we shall have to address the problem of controlling the world's population" (
New American, October 30, 1995). The control as conceived by these people would be through the United Nations eventually becoming a global governmental power.
(p. 208-209 - bolding mine)

Among the illuminati types of that era [mid 1900s] was Catholic Cardinal William Henry O'Connell (d. April 22, 1944). A predecessor of Cardinal Cushing in Boston, O'Connell had been the subject of a thesis by James O'Toole of Boston College, that was published as a book entitled Militant and Triumphant (Notre Dame, 1992). O'Connell was a degenerate known for his homosexual and other sexual perversions. One of his favorite homosexual suitors was a Sabbatian Harvard professor (private communication from a source who wishes to remain anonymous).

O'Connell was very close to the Yankee aristocratic family known as the Drapers, textile moguls, and had spent time with them in Rome. O'Connell and his Sabbatian partner schemed and dreamed of the ultimate destruction of the Jews. He made sure to be present at the election of a new Pope in Rome, who he envisaged would be the type of individual who would cooperate with Hitler in the future extermination of the Jews--namely Pope Pius XII.
(p. 215-216)

It would be easy to note that Cardinal O'Connell did not "make sure" to be present for the election, but rather was required to attend. It would also be easy to dismiss this because we know that Pope Pius XII did not seek extermination of the Jews. However, Randy Engel makes dismissing this far less reasonable. In The Rite of Sodomy she devotes Chapter 12 to "The Cardinal O'Connell and Cardinal Spellman Legacy". She writes:

An "open secret" is a secret hidden in plain sight. The homosexual lives of Francis Cardinal Spellman of New York and William Cardinal O'Connell of Boston were just such a secret... (p. 615)

In this chapter Engel discusses the circle revolving around Cardinal Rampolla (a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) who was elected Pope but whose election was vetoed by the Austrians), and Cardinal Merry del Val who Engel states "was one of O'Connell's few close friends." (p. 620) del Val was charged with homosexuality by the German scholarly literary journal Nord und Sud according to Engel (p. 621). The chapter outlines a scandal of major proportion.

It is noteworthy that after James O'Connell and David Toomey left the Boston Archdiocese, O'Connell continued to surround himself with young clerics some of who were known to share the cardinal's vice.

There was also a bizarre murderer (sic) committed in the cardinal's own household by one of his male staff, but O'Connell managed to keep the story quiet.
(p 633)

Numerous names are given in the chapter. Is one of them the "Sabbatian Harvard Professor" that Antelman discusses? The presence of the O.T.O. as a part of this picture hints that Sabbatian-Frankism had a role to play in this particular example of the corruption within the Roman Catholic Church. Let's not forget that Bishop Divine has recently claimed there is a homosexual conspiracy within the Roman Catholic Church.

Returning to Antelman:

Among the Nazi concentration camps of Europe was the "country club" Theresienstadt. At Theresienstadt was imprisoned Leo Baeck, considered the so-called "Chief Rabbi of European Reform Jewry". What he really was doing in Theresienstadt was presiding as chief Sabbatian over the New Age style destruction of the European Jewry according to the hidden agenda of the Reform movement, which Professor Gershom Scholem and other academic scholars have shown was a Sabbatian project. (p. 222)

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