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TO ELIMINATE THE OPIATE - by Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman

"The Divine and Profane Faces of Zionism"

Instead of reading like "us against them", this chapter reads more like "us against us". It, more than any other, seems to expose the deep disparity within Judaism. There are many passages consisting entirely of quotes which I'm not going to post here. However, there are also a few things worth noting:

Antelman calls "Theodore Herzl--the founder of the modern Zionist movement..." (p. 158)

He tells us:

Jewish law explicitly states that ultimately the wife determines where the couple is to reside; it mandates that the prevailing issue here is mandatory residence in Israel, and if the party refuses, it is grounds for divorce with the onus being on the recalcitrant spouse. (p. 159)

What is censored from establishment history books is that disciples of the Gaon of Vilna (1720-1797) had already engaged, at the turn of the 18th century, in the active colonization of Zion. (p. 161)

One passage is headlined: "Will the Real Zionism Please Stand Up! Religious Zionism versus Bogus Socialistic Conspiratorial Zionism". (p. 162)

Antelman claims:

In 1973, the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party received an appeal from the Israeli Communist Party asking for its "solidarity in the struggle against Israeli aggression and her policy of annexation, and asks all Communists to "fight for Palestinian liberation". (p. 168)

In a Declaration quoted from the transactions of the Supreme Rabbinic Court of America, Inc., 1401 Arcola Avenue, Silver Springs, MD 20902: "Israel shall reaffirm its duty to judge the foreigners, especially those who dwell within its boundaries and seek to destroy its people from within." (p. 176)

Antelman speaks of an

Illuminati cell in Israel that the author witnessed on television and read about in the Israeli papers.

In May of 1996, residents of a Tel Aviv neighborhood allegedly complained to police about noise emanating from an apartment. Police, under circumstances not yet clear, entered the apartment with a reporter and found a rather unusual scene. According to the newsletter
Inside Israel:

The walls were covered with Latin script. Skull and bones graced the shelves, swords crossed and not were mounted above an altar. Five doors led to secret passageways, with red blinking lights signaling whoever was within, that intruders were present.

In the brief and slightly publicized aftermath of the raid, a flurry of stories appeared about the influence of Masons and their role in the peace process, which is unpopular among large segments of Israel's population. Masons were initially blamed for the apartment and its cult-like decor.

It turns out that President Clinton, King Hussein of Jordan, and the late Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin were all Masons and Masonic officials played a major role in facilitating a peace treaty between Israel and Jordan....

But their Grand Master in Israel issued a statement denying that the weird apartment had anything to do with Masonry. He actually claimed that the apartment was rented by a cult called the "Illuminati", which had nothing to do with Freemasonry, and demanded a public apology from the newspaper that broke the story....

In October of 1995, the Italian publication
La Republica reported on the hold Masonry has over Israel's government. It turns out that the former Mayor of Jerusalem, Ted Kollek, is also a Mason, whose last year in office witnessed a meeting between him and David Rockefeller for the purported reason of establishing a branch of Chase Manhattan in Jerusalem....

The Illuminati has a kind of precursor, known as the "Sabbatian" movement. Historically, Sabbatians have been involved in radical, and Masonic-type movements. Others were prominent in finance in nineteenth century Europe....

...they practice wife swapping...

Sabbatian emissaries recently visited Jerusalem and asked to be allowed to reunite with the Jewish people from whom they split in the seventeenth century....

...not one word has been heard about the Illuminati apartment or Masonic controversy in any American news publication.

In any event, for those who question the truthfulness of the existence of the Illuminati conspiracy, new evidence has emerged which may finally set the record straight.
(p. 187-190)

That was the last sentence in the chapter. He does not continue this chapter by exposing the information he references.

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