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TO ELIMINATE THE OPIATE by Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman

"Solomon "Sheker" Master of Disinformation"

Sheker in Hebrew means "deceit", and this can be applied to Solomon Shechter, (1847-1915), the Marxist Frankist boy-wonder disciple of Jellinek, Weiss and company, upon whom America's so-called "Jewish Conservative movement" was built. His admirers stated he was its "chief architect"....

The conspiracy to implant the Conservative movement in America was masterminded by the Illuminati and implemented by Austrian, English and American Frankists.
(p. 143)

Antelman lists eleven points that comprised the agenda by which this goal was accomplished. Three are particularly noteworthy.

4. Develop a disinformation network to spread lies about Judaism, especially that Judaism has branches, or streams.

5. Promote the dissolution of the purity of the Halachic family by sabotaging the divorce procedures to produce proliferate illegitimate offspring; and the conversion procedures to promote "gentiles" into the Jewish community.

8. Develop an organized phony rabbinical society.

11. Direct a campaign of libel against religious Jews and their practices to discredit them as not "modern", and out of touch with the times.
(p. 144)

Did this thinking influence Vatican II? As with No. 5, our divorce procedures were compromised through the introduction of easy annulments. Illegitimate offspring have been the result of silence on moral teachings combined with a promotion of sex education in Catholic schools. Our system for conversions was revised at Vatican II.

How similar to this "phony rabbinical society" is the bishop's conference where conservative, traditional, and liberal bishops came together to present a "united" face to the nation? It was made clear to us that those who still held to our Tradition were "out of touch" following Vatican II.

Schechter was given a "scholarly" image and eventually was appointed the head of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, originally an authentic Jewish Rabbinic institution that was pirated by the American Frankists under Jacob Schiff's leadership and debased to its present state. (p. 145)

Antelman says Schechter "kept a picture of" the "Communist Sabbatian Frankist, Leopold Zunz" "in his study, and considered him his godfather." (p. 147)

Platonist Benjamin Jewett who was busy liberalizing Christianity...recruited [Claude] Montefiore to communicate Jewish source material which he could twist as interpreter of Judaism to the Christian world. Jewett was founder of the "Broad Church" movement in England, and directly influenced the radicals Asquinth, Grey and Curzon. A ploy that they utilized to undermine religious authority was the promotion of the concept of "moral relativism", which was abetted by Sir James G. Frazer's works. (pp. 147-148)

What does Benedict fight today? That very moral relativism.

Of all the goals of the Illuminati, it appears that Claude Montefiore was most preoccupied with the Illuminati's goal of merging religions, and more particularly, Judaism and Christianity. (p. 148)

From the time Schechter came to the United States, most of the Seminary faculty indulged in disinformation. They are more dangerous than the Reform because they put on the facade of being religious, cloaking their pronouncements with a veil of authenticity as if conforming to Halacha. (p. 153)

The Consrvative movement perpetrates the lie that they are a branch of Judaism when, indeed, they are anti-Judaic. Their members are, nevertheless, invariably Jews. The problem is that since their conversions are fraudulent, counterfeit rabbis take authentic Christians and convert them to counterfeit Jews....Perhaps more accurately their members are duped into being "Jews for Satan". Incidentally, Schechter, like Karl Marx, sported a dual-shaped beard popular among Satanists.

Every Conservative tract read by this author in the last 30 years is replete with deceit and disinformation...
(p. 154)

Antelman claims that the Conservatives:

...law committee left it to individual "rabbis" to determine whether lesbians and gay men can be active youth leaders and teachers in the movement, and there is a responsum accepted by the movement that maintains that engaging in homosexual behavior is not an abomination....Their women's organization supports abortion on demand. (p. 155)

Another similarity with Catholicism since Vatican II:

The duplicity of the Conservative movement gave rise to a multiplicity of responsa. For example, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein ruled that a Conservative cleric is prohibited when entering an authentic synagogue from leading the service in responsive prayer which ordinary laymen commonly do. (p. 156)

And one more recent development in Roman Catholicism seems to have a counterpart in Judaism:

...it was discovered that key figures at the Seminary were advocating actual idolatry, and were involved with Eastern religions. (p. 156)

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