Thursday, March 27, 2008


Some of you might be tempted to dismiss Rabbi Antelman as a crank given the material I've been blogging. Don't be hasty. He's not just a Rabbi. He has a day job.

Dr. Marvin S. Antelman is an analytical chemist. Here is the website listing his twelve patents, among them a cure for cancer.

Here is his company, Marantech Holding L.L.C., a pharmaceutical manufacturer located in Rhode Island.

The Compassion Response Network speaks of another Antelman/Marantech drug, Imusil, that cures AIDS with one injection. It's in the trial phase:

Dr Marvin S Antelman, the inventor of a treatment for HIV/AIDS, has generously donated six single injections of Imusil for Compassion Response Network AIDS trials. Three of these injections have been sent to the Harare project and await funding for treatment of three HIV/AIDS patients, and three injections have been sent to Kinshasa where three HIV/AIDS patients have been treated in an Imusil trial conducted during the year 2004. One injection is all that is needed.

Imusil is a product of Marantech Holdings LLC, Providence, Rhode Island, USA. For information, contact them at info@marantech.com. You are also invited to look up the Marantech website at http://www.Marantech.com

What is Imusil?
Marantech has identified and patented use of a number of Electron Jumping Compounds (EJCs) that have been found in independent laboratory testing to exhibit powerful antimicrobial activity. However, to date the bulk of Marantech’s testing of EJCs for pharmacological safety and efficacy has centered on tetrasilver tetroxide (abbreviated TST, a multivalent metallic oxide uniquely structured as a semi-conducting molecular crystal device. Independent laboratory and clinical testing indicates that TST molecules selectively target and kill rapidly proliferating organisms (e.g., viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa) through a multitude of nano-level electrical discharges followed by physical combination (chelation) and release of singlet oxygen at the pathogenic site. Normal tissues are generally unaffected. The unusual suspected kill method may thwart the development of pathogens resistant to Tetrasil therapy.

Antimicrobial Activity: It has been known for several years that TST is a potent antimicrobial agent that kills a broad spectrum of viruses, fungi, algae and bacteria (including drug resistant strains) in-vitro at concentrations that have been certified safe by the EPA for usage in swimming pools ("EPA Levels"). Clinical studies commissioned by Marantech and conducted by Exetec Labs in Honduras, indicate that topically applied TST can lead to dramatic and rapid improvements in such infection-caused skin conditions as cold sores, herpes lesions, shingles, follicultis, diabetic ulcers, bedsores, tinea versicolor, and ringworm. In topical form, TST is formulated as Tetrasil and is available through their website, www.tetrasil.com. Moreover, building on earlier informal testing against systemic infections (including Candida albicans, dysentery and AIDS), Exetec was commissioned to conduct clinical studies of TST as an intravenous treatment for AIDS (Imusil).

Oncological Activity: Independent in-vitro lab testing also found that TST is lethal to a dozen common forms of human cancer cells. Marantech therefore expanded the Exetec clinical studies to include topical treatment of skin tumors. Reported results include healing of skin lesions and apparent elimination of atypical cells in many patients with neurofibromatosis and early-stage malignant melanomas, basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas.

I'm still looking into his chemistry credentials. As you can guess, I'm interested in Marvin S. Antelman on several levels.

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