Thursday, March 27, 2008


The Catholic Civil Liberties League is trying to raise awareness about a new teaching guide called Making Space, Giving Voice that it says will transform schools into "instruments for ideological instruction."

The guide is an attempt by the B.C. Education Ministry to make the K-12 school curriculum gay friendly by introducing "non-heterosexual realities" into all subjects and all classrooms. It is similar to a teaching guide produced years ago to bring aboriginal content into the curriculum.

Development of the guide was part of a legal agreement the government signed in 2006 with Murray and Peter Corren to resolve a human-rights complaint that the Correns filed in 1999 accusing B.C. schools of systemic discrimination.

The Catholic Civil Liberties League says the guide, still in draft form, will result in teachers delivering lessons that conflict with family values, culture and religion in many cases.

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