Monday, March 10, 2008


Artwork depicting the Virgin Mary as a stripper stirred trouble while on display at a small Catholic university before the piece was apparently stolen.

The print was part of an exhibit last month at the University of Dallas that featured the work of students at Murray State University in Kentucky. Joanna Gianulis, a senior art major at Murray State, said she was trying to raise questions about perceptions of saints and sinners and didn't intend to be sacrilegious.

"How do we know that an exotic dancer is sinful?" she said. "What if she has the best intentions and strives only to help those in need?

"Many single mothers are in this position and that is another reason why I chose to reference the Virgin Mary, because she was another woman who was in a tough position and probably received much criticism because of it."

Gianulis said she has no digital image of the print. Others who have seen it say it includes a veiled young woman wearing pasties and a G-string with money stuck in it.

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The university president did not act in time to prevent the theft. He was hampered by his considerations of "academic freedom", proving that he considers the concerns of man superior to reverence for the Mother of God. Meanwhile a Junior understood the issues at hand saying "The uiniversity ought not display images that make profane that which the institution holds sacred". Smart kid. Perhaps he should be the university president and the president should go back to the religion classroom.

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