Friday, February 22, 2008


A “coalition of eight leather- and motorcycle-oriented clubs in the South-of-Market Area gay and lesbian community” held its annual community awards Feb. 16 at Most Holy Redeemer parish’s Ellard Hall in the Castro District of San Francisco. Most Holy Redeemer is well known as a “gay-friendly” Catholic parish.

According to its web site, the Inter-Club Fund of San Francisco, which held its 42nd Annual Motorcycle and Leather Community Awards on Saturday at Ellard Hall, exists to “promote safe motorcycling, provide financial assistance to persons in distress,” and “promote motorcycling organizations.” The ICF is made up of seven member clubs, including the Bears of San Francisco, Defenders/San Francisco, San Francisco Dykes on Bikes-Women’s Motorcycle Contingent, and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Defenders/San Francisco calls itself “a Leather/Levi club, chartered by Dignity, the national gay Catholic organization.” On its web site, Defenders says it “take[s] a stand for the sacredness of our leather sexuality and explores practical ways of integrating sexuality and spirituality….

“Although we are a Catholic leather club, our members come from many different denominations and spiritual traditions. Men and women of all spiritual paths are welcome.”

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