Monday, February 25, 2008


Matt Abbott's column today documents the career of abuse of one Father John Patrick Feeney, and the enabling of that abuse by Cardinal Maida which is contained in a letter Abbott reproduces, written by Peter J. Isley, Midwest director of SNAP, to Cardinal Maida, now of Detroit, but then of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Even after all of the reports I've read, some of them still make me shudder. Like this one. How will Catholics ever be able to respect their bishops again? I got the distinct impression that the Cardinal was afraid of something more than he was afraid of the consequences of not protecting the kids. Blackmail?

Ironic that this happened in Green Bay, of all places.

I'll bet the "good Catholics" of Detroit are still putting their money in the Bishop's appeal about now, as though nothing has ever happened. As long as they get the cash, the bishops are immune to discipline.

Dear God in Heaven, is there no end to this until all of the gay clergy die off?

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