Sunday, February 24, 2008


My husband left church this morning madder than a bucking bronco and taking it out on me. What had I done? He finally admitted it wasn't me. He was furious because of the prayers at Mass, and I'm not going to quote him because it wasn't pretty.

Among the general intercessions was the prayer that we will be open to other religions, and the one for gays for which I don't remember the specific language. If things don't turn around in the Cleveland Diocese soon, neither of us will be attending Mass any longer! As you can tell, I'm angry as well. I don't need this kind of frustration every Sunday.

About six months ago the debate we had over the breakfast table about where we were going to attend Mass on that particular Sunday was so stressful that I couldn't stop crying all the way through Mass. This is not what Sunday worship is supposed to be like. This is not a way to move closer to God. This is not a way to nurture faith.

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