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The following is posted on the American Endeavor blog, September 24, 2007:

While suffering a case of insomnia at 4 am last night, I was able to see a second showing of Alan Greenspan being interviewed, by Tim Russert on the MsNBC show, "Meet the Press."...

During the interview, Al was asked a question about his wife, NBC News journalist Andrea Mitchell, and how they met. He said that on their first date he told Andrea that he had written an essay on Ayn Rand, regarding anti-monopolies. So they headed back to his apartment to check out the paper. It was history after that...I guess she liked what he wrote, since they are man and wife today.

If you are not familiar with Ayn Rand she was the author of the book: Atlas Shrugged, which is touted by John Todd (Occultist who is either dead or missing) as being a fictional work based on the master occult scheme plan by the Illuminati.

Rand was married to actor Charles Francis (Frank) O'Connor on April 15, 1929, having first met him when they both worked in Cecil B. DeMille's movie The King of Kings in 1926. Rand's husband should not be confused with the Irish writer known as "Frank O'Connor," whose real name was Michael Francis O'Donovan.

Yet, it is alleged Ayn Rand was one of Philippe Rothschild's mistresses, whom he instructed to write a rather large novel about their illustrious plans - and that novel is Atlas Shrugged. I found it quite odd that Tim Russert, while interviewing Greenspan, did not expound on this further. If any of this fascinates you then I offer you a link to the Greenspan/Rand timeline:

Ayn Rand espoused a radical philosophy of self-interest and individualism. She had a great dislike for religion and even compulsory charity. She believed that charity of this sort fostered a resentment of individual success.

Ayn Rand created a doctrine of rational hedonism, supported by unfettered capitalism and the rights of successful individuals at the utter expense of the community. A devout atheist, she taught that charity is not a virtue. She is the founder of Objectivism. Alan Greenspan considered himself an Objectivist at one time, and I don't know if he still considers himself this. He also has a number of articles which were written by him, and then published in Rand's newsletters.

She believed in the elimination of most state regulation except for crime control and the judiciary. In "Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal", Rand uses the word “altruists” to describe forces of evil that burden the beleaguered American business community.

Oddly enough the website seems to be promoting the libertarian candidate Ron Paul's campaign. How does that compute?

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