Thursday, December 20, 2007


An article from the November 2007 "Christian Order", a publication from across the pond, has been posted at the Tradition in Action website. Its subject is the state of the Church in England, and reading through it one discovers a condition quite similar to the state of the Church in America, fostered by homosexual clergy, and descending into immorality. The similarity between Soho Masses and the travesty we saw in San Francisco at the hands of Bishop Neidereuer short weeks ago is striking. In the article you can read:

If Roman officials and English prelates were beyond the reach of the Lavender Mafia, homosexuals would be under the pastoral care of orthodox clergy and dissident "gays" would be shown the confessional door. Sadly, however, that "smoke of Satan" identified by Paul VI is now a putrid cloud of episcopal complicity stretching from Rome through Westminster to every see in the land. That the Vatican orchestrates and/or refuses to act on voluminous evidence to stop the Soho Masses in their tracks and bring the British episcopate to heel, is yet further confirmation, if any were needed, of the demonic homosexual infiltration documented by Brady, Guimaraes, Engel, Berry, Likoudis, Rueda and many others. And so, frustrated by our impotence as contempt for the episcopate plumbs ever new depths, we can only dream of justice: of dragging Mervyn Alexander out of his comfortable retirement and pulling Patrick Kelly, Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, Vincent Nichols, Malcolm McMahon, Peter Smith et.al. off their cushioned pedestals, kicking their scandalous backsides all the way to Rome, having them prostrate themselves before the Holy Father and forcing them to explain WHY ON EARTH they are pursuing such a Luciferian policy across the board - before asking Benedict himself why he lets them! As for the sordid details, we can only speculate: how many of the bishops themselves are homosexual? (pp.8-9)

This Christmas I am enormously discouraged with the state of my Church, and I hold little hope for it to change within my lifetime. As of this writing, I don't know where I will be attending Christmas Mass, I can no longer trust any but a handful of bishops, my own not among them, and I tend to look for homosexual tendencies in any priest with whom I'm not familiar. When the one local priest that I do trust moves back to Africa, I will no longer have a Mass to attend. This is no way to celebrate Christmas. This is no way to hold onto the faith. This is no way to be Roman Catholic.

Benedict makes a lot of public noise about the Catholic faith, but he does not defend it within his own Church. His moral authority rests upon the base of the Church that is crumbling beneath him. If something isn't done soon to clean house, Benedict will no longer have a voice for the world. If he goes down, the Protestants will no longer be able to stand since there is no identifiable leader within Protestantism who speaks for all of the denominations. No denomination is large enough to carry weight worldwide. Where will the world be without the voice of Christ? There is no other hope to replace it.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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