Saturday, December 22, 2007


A Daily Herald article describes what shoppers will find in a kiosk at Northbrook Court that sells kabbalah jewelry:

What they discover are items designed to help protect the recipient, spiritually and physically, including kabbalah jewelry, healing charms and -- new this season -- pink suede bracelets that help raise money for breast cancer support.

Some are initially skeptical, but many admit they become addicted to what's offered at Lucky Charms, owned and staffed by young Israelis Mulan Reiter, 25, her twin sister Inbar; Mulan's boyfriend Oren Lev, 26; and Inbar's husband, Jonathan Globerson, who designed the company Web site.

According to the article the items are made in Israel and Turkey. Oren Lev tells the reader:

"It's not about the latest fashion bag, with initials,"... "It's about carrying protective energy with you everywhere, on a purse or on your wrist, or on your keys or hanging something on the wall."

A blessing comes with the purchase:

Lev pronounces special blessings over new purchases, as he holds the hands of customers. All members of the team have spent time in the mystical city of Safed, Israel, where they studied kabbalah, an ancient system of beliefs and practices.

The article lists their web address where you can see the prices. A kabbalah red string bracelet with a blue lucky eye costs $21.59. An evil eye bracelet set costs $39.99. Four suede lucky strings costs $13.32, but you get a fifth for free.

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