Monday, December 10, 2007


From a PR website:

Swetha Lodha of Mystic Board takes pride and pleasure to announce the official launch of MB Free Kabbalah Numerology (http://www.KabbalahNumerology.com) -- an advanced yet handy application which enables a person to calculate his/ her Health Numbers, Money Number, Lucky Number and Lucky Color. On the occasion of the launch of this new software Swetha opines, "I believe that the introduction of MB Free Kabbalah Numerology has been successful in filling up the gap that existed in the Numerology Forum of Mystic Board."

Speaking about the features of the software, Swetha Lodha says, "MB Free Kabbalah Numerology (http://www.KabbalahNumerology.com) is a simple and easy to use numerology software. It helps you analyze the numerological influence upon your health, wealth and overall personality based on the Kabbalah system of Numerology." She says further, "All that you need to do is enter your personal details i.e. your name, date and time of birth and the software does the rest for you."

Kabbalah Numerology is the Jewish form of Numerology, which means knowledge and wisdom. Events and not the characters hold the position of prime importance in this form of Numerology. The first and foremost knowledge of the Kabbalah is to understand the underlying meaning of each of the numbers, their properties and virtues.


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