Friday, December 14, 2007


Friday morning began with a really good laugh. I've posted links to some bizarre websites in Running Off, but today's has got to take the crown!

The Cesidian Church has canonized Rene Descartes. "Cesidian Church?" you ask. Yes, there is a Cesidian Church, though it's probably web based and appears to have only one member. It is the wonderwork of the Most Rev. Dr. Cesidio Tallini. There is even a picture of him at this link and he isn't smiling.

Dr. Tallini assures us that he may be excommunicated but he is still a Christian according to the Catholic Church. Baptism may be indelible, but in this case somebody must have used Kool Aid. Dr. Tellini got his ordination through the interdenominational Rose Ministries. The City of New York thought he is rational enough to be a "Registered Marriage Officiant", certainly a debatable conclusion. He is also the church's sole and only bishop.

Bishop Tellini preaches a novel gospel of self-salvation through attitude while proposing home schooling as evidence that jobs and vocations are not the same thing. One hopes that he doesn't test this theory any time soon!

Cesidians adhere to fourteen commandments as a "Recipe for Perfect Government." Most have something to do with economic concerns. No. 1 on the list is a God's right to a universal currency. Eleven refer to "a God", while one addresses the rights of "a Family of Gods". Cesidians are polytheistic though they may not actually know that.

They pray a rosary. Catholic or Buddhist beads will do since Bishop Cesidia hasn't invented his own yet. The same prayers are used on either set. The Buddhist Rosary looks like it was invented in a McDonald's variety of speed prayer.

I Googled "Cesidio Tallini" and got 1,660 hits, among them "Why I'm My Own King" by Cesidio Tallini, the man's "scholarly paper" for his "Skills for Professional Development" class at the University of Phoenix Online, where you can discover the true nature of diploma mills apparently.

Either this is a chaos magician with lots of time on his hands, or this is an example of the state of deterioration that internet education represents for humanity. Eris has my vote!

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