Thursday, December 27, 2007


When someone expresses interest in the Catholic faith and inquires about joining the Church, he is directed to sign up for 8 months of RCIA during which he will be instructed in Catholic beliefs. If at the end of the classes he still wishes to become Catholic, he will be baptised if he has not already been, and confirmed at the Easter Vigil together with any other potential converts who study along with him.

But if the interested party happens to have been the Prime Minister of England, all of the RCIA business apparently is waived and the candidate is received in a private ceremony, causing me to wonder if there is some sort of elite inner circle that we Catholics in the pew are not privy to.

The decision by Tony Blair to convert to Catholicism has sparked a row over his government's policies during his term in office as prime minister of the UK.

Mr Blair was welcomed into the Roman Catholic church on Friday night by the Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor -- leader of the Roman Catholics in England and Wales.

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I have argued many times that Roman Catholicism has no inner core of elite. This article now has me wondering if I and the majority of pew sitters are being deceived?

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