Monday, December 03, 2007


Check out Matt Abbott's column today. He has posted an excerpt from the book SIN, SHAME, AND SECRETS: THE MURDER OF A NUN, THE CONVICTION OF A PRIEST, AND COVER-UP IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, a book by David Yonke which will be available in paperback on February 15, 2008. The passage speaks of the occult evidence that is associated with the killing of Sr. Margaret Ann Pahl:

Sergeant Forrester called Father Michael Billian at the Catholic Center in Toledo and said he had a few questions about the occult. He offered no further explanation, but the chancellor assumed it had something to do with the Father Robinson case.

Father Billian suggested he call Father Jeffrey Grob, a Roman Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of Chicago who was researching his doctoral dissertation on the ritual of exorcism. Father Grob was the associate vicar for canonical services for the archdiocese and also served as assistant to the exorcist.

Sergeant Forrester called Father Grob and ended up talking with him for nearly two hours. Two weeks later, he drove to Chicago to meet with the priest, and after that Father Grob made several trips to Toledo to examine the crime scene and evidence, and to consult with the cold-case team. From the start, Father Grob told detectives that there were strong indications that Sister Margaret Ann Pahl's murder had been an occult killing.

"People who prefer to worship beings other than God will seek a reversal of all things sacred," Father Grob said. "They take something that's sacred and turn it upside down, literally. They defile the very thing that is sacred."

Sort of sounds like the principle behind an Ambigram, which is the subject of my blog immediately below this one.

Father Grob goes on to detail the circumstances in which Sr. Margaret's body was found, outlining the ritual satanic significance of each of the symbols.

The priest who has been convicted of this murder was championed by his parishioners. For many years after the nun's murder he had been saying Mass and distributing the sacraments while this satanic worship festered in his heart. Did he commit other acts of ritual worship of the enemy while he posed as a priest in good standing? Did the Bishop know about him? Are there more like him in the priesthood here in Ohio?

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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