Sunday, August 19, 2007


A LookSmart article titled "Ghost Writer" by Tom Prendeville claims William Butler Yates channeled his material:

HE'S Ireland's most famous poet - but it is being claimed Yeats's writing was actually done by GHOSTS. ...

But historians now claim his most famous works were secretly co- written by demonic spirits.

They say Yeats was obsessed with the afterlife, joined several spooky cults and even believed he was followed by a spirit DEMON called Leo Africanus.

And they think that, using the weird phenomenon known as "automatic writing", he allowed ghosts to write his best-loved books.

Yeats Society chief Stella Mew said: "He had some very frightening experiences dabbling in the occult.

"He was very interested in automatic writing and got his images and symbols from the writing.

"His book A Vision and The Second Coming were very heavily influenced by it.

"Yeats and his wife Georgie kept up the automatic writing for seven or eight years. ...

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