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In the blog below I have linked the website for "Wendy", a prophetess that Athol Bloomer promotes in his prophecy blog in the posting dated Monday, January 29, 2007.

Here is just one of the projects "Wendy" is promoting on her website--"Israel Tour 2008".

At this website you can learn a bit more about God TV's Israel Tour:

God TV has taken several tours to Israel, most notably more than 850 people in 2005, and our 2006 tour was historic, taking place as we moved into our new Broadcast Center in Jerusalem.

The God TV network is well-established and growing:

Speaking during the dedication broadcast for GOD TV’s Broadcast HQ in Jerusalem Wendy shared, that just as there were 12 ancient gateways in Jerusalem, so she believed the network would eventually have 12 channels to accommodate GOD TV’s various regions.

The good news is that we are halfway there! The following GOD TV channels are already being transmitted 24-hours a day from GOD TV’s global transmission center situated at the base of Mount Zion: GOD TV USA, GOD TV EUROPE, GOD UK, GOD TV AFRICA, GOD TV ASIA, and GOD TV AUSTRALASIA. All of these GOD TV feeds are time-shifted for their region and offer varying degrees of localized programming. Other new GOD TV channels will be introduced in time to come, with a Middle East Channel as a priority.

There is a God TV station in Orlando, Florida.

They have won a number of awards. On this webpage Wendy's last name is given as "Alec".

Check out the Coming Up in 2007 webpage which includes this passage:

In the last few months GOD TV has brought extended teaching and ministry from many different nations: Hillsong Nights from Australia; Prayer for Jerusalem with Robert Stearns from Israel; Joyce Meyer from England; John and Diana Hagee’s Feast of Tabernacles; Kim Clement from Washington, DC and Tampa; Rick Joyner from Charlotte; Rodney Howard-Browne Holy Spirit Weekends; Ron Luce, Acquire the Fire from California; The OneThing Conference from IHOP, Kansas City; J John, Clapham, London; Steve Hill from Washington DC; and John & Carol Arnott live from Toronto; not to forget our fantastic youth team Emma, Chip and Lindz LIVE each Sunday night from around the UK - to name just a few to television screens around the world. Now as 2007 unfolds, the revolution continues in intensity!

IHOP used to be a place to eat breakfast.

John & Carol Arnott were instrumental in the founding and popularity of the Vineyard Church, home of Toronto Blessing and Holy Laughter, where the congregation has been known to bark like dogs. This is Pentecostalism at its wackiest.

Rick Joyner is MorningStar Fellowship Church.

Let me recap, once again, what Bloomer said of Wendy:

I have called my prophets from my flocks - each with a portion of my messages. Listen to my prophetesses Wendy, Vassula and the hidden one who proclaims me as Returning King. I have risen Wendy up from my children who speak with the voice of Paul to your generation, I have risen up Vassula from y children tht speak with the voices of John and Andrew, and the hidden apostle from the children of the chair of Peter, the source of unity for the wounded Body. I am anointing these three women from the three flocks of my predilection - Listen to their voices.

None of these people sounds even remotely Catholic, do they? They don't sound Jewish either if what you mean by "Jewish" is Biblical Judaism. Why is a member of the Association of Hebrew Catholics promoting a seer who is leading a television station that is promoting these people? Bloomer claims to be "loyal to the infallible teachings of the Catholic Church and obedient to the Pope."

What has Archbishop Burke brought into St. Louis?

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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