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If it could be said that Athol Bloomer got to any of his errors legitimately, it could be said of his promotion of Vassula Ryden.

At the EWTN website you can read the condemnation of Vassula Ryden by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The Notification is dated October 6, 1995.

In his Spiritual Journey blog Athol Bloomer wrote:

When I was in the Street Kid community I had heard of the Greek Orthodox visionary Vassula Ryden and heard her message on a audio tape and I read her early writings. Vassula visited Thailand in 1997or 98 and I attended her meeting at Holy Redeemer (Ruam Rudi) where I was prayed over and I felt such a power come forth from the Cross (it had a relic of the True Cross in it) that I was knocked to the ground (Vassula did not touch me at all) and I got up and went to my seat and I couldn't stop sobbing. I was so embarassed and I felt a burning cross on my forehead and a burning point in my hand that lasted for three weeks when I was in prayer. It was strange because in early 1997 before I even knew I was going to Thailand I received a message from God that I would go on eagle's wings overseas and that I should pray for Vassula and her mission and that I was linked to Patrick and Father Martin and their mission of Perpetual Adoration.

Being new to Catholicism, it is entirely reasonable that Bloomer would trust the parish to be doing the right thing in bringing Vassula in. But note that this took place in 1997 or 1998, at least two years after the Congregation had issued its Notification.

But that is not all. Bishop Manat brought Vassula to his diocese, and Vassula came accompanied by the Armenian Orthodox Bishop of Lyons France:

Vassula came again to Thailand in 1999 and she led a retreat with Bishop Manat at Tabor Retreat Centre and I ate with her and became close to her Greek Orthodox companion Katarina who I remained in contact with. Also with Vassula was a Jewish Philipino lady who was very interested in Vassula and I gave her a copy of the Jewish New Testament I had with me. So in 2001 I went to Bangladesh to stay with Katarina and her new husband Duleep (he had a deceased brother called Athol!). Vassula visited Bangladesh while I was there and I spent a lovely week with her and the Armenian Orthodox Bishop of Lyons in France that was travelling with her.

The British Orthodox Church has issued warnings about Vassula. (At the website scroll down to the last entry on the webpage.) It would appear that
the Monophysite Armenian Orthodox have not.

Vassula was even booted out of the Los Angeles Cathedral. When your heresy can't make it in L.A., your mission is in serious trouble.

Yet despite overwhelming evidence that Vassula Ryden is a fraud, Athel Bloomer is still recommending, in his January 29, 2007 prophecy blog that Hebrew Catholics should listen to her.

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