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In a comments box Athol Bloomer claims I misrepresent Bishop Manat and Thailand:

This is my last post. I am absolutely shocked at the depths of wickedness that you are coming to in this post. It is just pure inneuendo and slander. I have known Father Martin and Bishop Manat for many years and neither of them are homosexual. You also slander the beautiful country of Thailand. You could google Homosexuals or Lesbians in America and get some interesting results and then say that Carrie lives in America so connect the dots...

I have accused no one of homosexuality. The Rick A. Ross Institute has accused Fr. Martin Lucia of belonging to an organization that practiced homosexual acts in its inner circle. Re the "beautiful country of Thailand", see below.

Bishop Manat founded the Missionary Society of Our Lady of Perpetual Adoration after asking Pope John Paul II about it. The Pope was very enthusiastic. He also resigned early from his diocese after asking the Popes permission so that he could focus on the spread of Perpetual Adoration. Unfortunately Bishop Manat spoke up publically against the Freemasons in the Church and powerful men in the Church did everything they could to discredit him and anyone associated with him. These too men are responsible for starting thousands of Perpetual Adoration chapels with all the graces coming from them. Whatever little faults and weaknesses they may have will certainly be nothing compared with the blessing they have brought to the world. I for one would not like to stand before God knowing that I slandered these two Godly men. Isn't it strange how Bishop Manat was respected by his priests and the hierarchy when he was a liberal bishop and the head of Ecumenical affairs for the Church of Thailand but as soon as he had a spiritual conversion to orthodox Catholicism most turned on him and set out to destroy him except for a handful of holy priests and laity.
Aharon Yosef | 08.21.07 - 1:51 am | #

Bishop Manat founded the Missionary Society of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, not the "Missionary Society of Our Lady of Perpetual Adoration" as you have stated. Are you telling me he has now founded a new organization? The reason for Bishop Manat's resignation has not been made clear in anything I have found so far. He resigned before the usual age of retirement. His organization, the Missionary Society of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, has been suspended. You are the one, Mr. Bloomer, suggesting they have "little faults and weaknesses."

Re Thailand:



http://shs.wustl.edu/medicalServices/IntGLBTQ.htm (Jackson's book is listed at this website.)






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