Sunday, August 19, 2007


If you've studied occultism, you've heard the phrase "squaring the circle." The phrase is so common that it is even the title of a book sold at Wall Mart.

It's mentioned at this tarot website.

It's also mentioned at the Order of Mary the Magdala, aka Order of Mary Magdalene website as well. Here the phrase is described this way:

Yeshua taught balance between the sexes and (scandalously!) accepted females into his school. He and Mary Magdalene embodied and manifested the archetypes of divine masculine and divine feminine united in the sacred marriage. The sacred marriage is a process that occurs in the subconscious mind as well as in the collective unconscious of humanity. Our Order of Mary Magdala teaches techniques that actualize these powerful archetypes, inner guides, divine "entities," and show you how to bring them into your life. Getting to know your inner guides, practicing wholeness, and the alchemy of the sacred marriage will transform your awareness and lead to the highest form of ecstasy or "bliss".

The sacred marriage is working in our lives whenever we balance pairs of opposites: heart and head, male and female, light and dark, heaven and earth, conscious and unconscious, ego and soul, spirit and matter. Symbols such as the Yin-Yang, Star of David and Sufism's Lock & Key represent the sacred marriage. You can even find the sacred marriage archetype in the Tarot deck -- the Lovers card. ...

...the squaring of the circle, that ancient symbol of the hieros gamos (sacred marriage). The figures are either Mother and Father God or Magdalene and Jesus.

Oh, and btw, automatic writing is mentioned in that website as well.

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