Thursday, August 02, 2007


Kathryn Ann Clarke, alias "Anne", "The Hidden One"

She has good reason to hide. Susanna found another Rick Salbato/Unity Publishing article on this fraud.

Probably the most damaging evidence to her credibility is the following:

One of the people she gave marital advice to was a practicing Catholic woman, married to a practicing Catholic man and with five children. She was suffering from depression but there was no existence of domestic violence - no physical abuse, no threats of physical abuse, no adultery and no substance abuse. Their marital issues were minor compared to what most marriages suffer through and yet survive and thrive. She made questionable claims of verbal abuse against her husband as the reason for separation and ultimately divorce. Any expression of anger or frustration by her husband was summarily characterized as “controlling and abusive”.

Throughout the entire time of separation Kathy Clarke’s confidant/friend/business partner was suffering depression and was taking Paxil as an anti-depressant. Because of “Catholic” Kathryn Ann Clarke’s advice, this woman had her tubes tied immediately after her fifth child, (which is against Catholic law - surgical sterilization) so that she would have no more children. Within 8 months of the operation, Clarke’s advise led to filing divorce and later moving 4 of the 5 children over 100 miles away from their home town, father and brother. She is now seeking an annulment again at the advice of Kathryn Clark leading on to suggest that she plans to re-marry. I wonder of Clark told her that even if she was able (after 5 children) to get an annulment, she would have to have another surgery to reverse her sterilization in order to get married in the Catholic Church.

This woman now works with Kathryn Ann Clarke marketing and selling books and helping create and run her (now) two organizations. She is listed on the website’s “About Us” as Chief Executive Officer She is paid a salary of $50,000 plus insurance and expenses. Kathy and this CEO travel extensively throughout the United States and overseas. Over the past 5 years each of them has chosen to leave their children repeatedly for extended periods of time away from home, usually hiring nannies to watch the children and most of the time without even calling during these extended trips. The children say that they will not hear from them sometimes for up to seven days. As an outward sign that things are not quite right with this CEO, her language has become more like a truck driver than a humble Catholic.

"Anne" is a product of Medjugorje. She is the author of a book titled THE BREAKABLE VOW, the subject of which is spousal abuse. You can read about her at the Harper Collins website and also at the teenreads.com website.

This is the woman of whom Athol Bloomer says in his January 29, 2007 charismatic prophecy, which presumably comes from Jesus:

Listen to my prophetesses Wendy, Vassula and the hidden one who proclaim me as Returning King. I have risen Wendy up from my children who speak with the voice of Paul to your generation, I have risen up Vassula from my children that speak with the voices of John and Andres, and the hidden apostle from the children of the chair of Peter, the source of unity for the wounded Body. I am anointing these three women from the three flocks of my predilection - Listen to their voices.

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