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I hope you're not all falling asleep over this. I find it fascinating actually. Yes, you could tell that, couldn't you. Anyway...

Sunday, February 18, 2007 - Out of Russia will come the leaders of my Church after the final defeat and conversion of Russia....Twelve Davidic Kings will reign in Europe under one Great Monarch and Holy Pope....in the North and West my Sacrifice will go underground and the Houses of Worship will offer a vain Sacrifice -the Sacrifice mentioned in the prophecy of my servant Daniel....Pray to the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael for protection, strength and healing. Invoke Uriel for Clarity in these times of confusion and Barakiel for the blessings needed and to Seatiel for the desire for Adoration. Invoke your guardian angels each day...

That actually sounds somewhat like Catholic prophecy. In Rev. R. Gerald Culleton's book THE PROPHETS AND OUR TIMES, originally published in 1941 with imprimatur and nihil obstat, the Great Monarch is said to come from the East, the West, the North, depending upon who is doing the prophesying.

The Holy Pope, according to Culleton, "will be born before the end of the 19th century", will be French, Galician, or Sabine. He will appear when the world is wartorn and the Church persecuted and the wicked are being chastised, and at the same time as the Great Monarch. There may be a succession of Great Popes, as many as five in number, who will rule for 17 years and one of them will die in exile. The succession will last until Anti-Christ.

It's interesting that Bloomer is telling us to pray to angels we have never heard of, and that using the names of angels out of the Kabbalah was what got Opus Angelorum into such hot water with the CDF.

It's also interesting that the picture of Rome and the pope presented in the third secret of Fatima fits the prophecy of a wartorn Europe better than it fits the assassination attempt which is said to have been its fulfillment.

Back to Bloomer...

Sunday, February 11, 2007 - Israel shall be restored to its freedom as the People of God. I will transfer the headquarters of my church to her land - Jerusalem will be the City of her God reigning supreme over all the earth after the victory of the Great Monarch and his brother....The holy French Pope will reign from Jerusalem and reform the world with the help of the 12 male apostles and 12 female apostles from among the Jewish people....One day the Holy Grail will return to light and many will pilgrimage to your land renewed in the Catholic faith...My beloved kinsman Joseph of Arimathea pleads for your conversion and for mercy for the land of his heart...The Rose of England intercedes for you and through her witness the Grail will be discovered near her heart - this is a mystery until the time to come...

Bloomer has placed a picture of Princess Diana in the midst of that prophecy about the Rose of England.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007 - I shall appear with Moshe Rabbenu on Tabor and Sinai in the coming years to reveal my Imma to you. She is the One in whom I delight, she is the Isha prophetess of the lineage of Nathan that is coming to assist and guide the Mashaich ben Efrayim who serves the Heavenly Mashiach ben Joseph....Yes days will be bad in Israel but worse in the lands of the West for you. Dark days for my people are about to descend...Return to Torah and mitzvot lived from the Heart- do not become fanatics but live my Way of sanctity with love...Be a light to the Goyim...Rebbe Menachem says to all of his children of Chabad that he was the anointed of his generation among the Yidden but he is not the Mashiach ben Yosef but he shared in the spirituality of the Mashiach ben Yosef in a hidden and deep way. Children of the Rebbe worship God alone who took flesh as a man in Yeshuah...I will bring my children of Lubavitch into my Heart and they will be my black army of salvation...an army for Adoration of my Presence...In the year called 5770 I will appear to you as the light of Mashiach...Many will be deceived by Armilus...he is only a man possessed by the evil one.

Well, that's enough for today. Interesting that of all the branches of Judaism he could mention, the one he does mention is Chabad Lubavitch, the organization promoting the Noachide Laws. I get the impression that he is implying that Chabad will worship Jesus when He returns. From the research I've done on Chabad Lubavitch, I didn't get the impression they wanted anything to do with Jesus. Hmmmmm.

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