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Via Unity Publishing who took the material primarily from the Rick Ross Institute, here is a report on Debra Geileskey's cult called "Magnificat Meal Movement":

The tiny hamlet of Helidon, Australia is appropriately named. It looks like Hell on earth. The paint is peeling from the shabby shop fronts, now empty and closed down, and the once busy rural haven is reduced to a news stand, a post office and a pub. Yet this virtual ghost town, which has all the eerie feel of a deserted cowboy film set after John Wayne and the Hollywood cameras have moved on, is supposedly the site of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

This once thriving town fall into what appears a ghost town because of a woman named Debra Geileskey, now Debra Burslem. In the early 1990s Debra and her husband, Gordan, ran a real-estate business and bought their own property as investments. But they were $300,000 in debt. Then Debra started having apparitions and visions. Her husband left her and is now living with another girl and keeping her in court with countless lawsuits.

But Debra Geileskey, now Debra Burslem, never missed a beat in her claims to having apparitions and vision, which claim that The Second Coming of Christ will occur in this ghost town of Helidon. Nothing, absolutely nothing, about Debra would convince anyone that she is having apparitions except for her great salesmanship from her history of selling real-estate.

And yet, because of the stupid spiritual pride of people, Debra has convinced enough people to amass a fortune of $3,500,000 Australian dollars in at least 20 properties, including homes, apartments, shops and farms and is said to own 10 companies. She also owns 5 Mercedes Benz and uses "slaves" without pay to do all the work, cooking, cleaning, farming, driving, and even as body guards. ...

Mike Garde, a cult specialist who advises the archbishop of Dublin says: "This woman Debra is controlling everybody in that cult. She's has made herself out to be the only source of God to them. That's a very powerful concept and one that has clearly sucked people in."...

There are two major reasons for people getting involved in stupid cults like this one and both are sins. First is falling for the statements of the seer that they are special and called by Our Lord or Lady to be special, or the remnant or the only ones to be saved or just to be personal friends of someone who talks with God. Second is like the first but the making themselves important by being associated with someone who talks with God and therefore using God to make themselves important to the world. Both, feeling that they are special to God and special to the people around them because they are special to God, are sins. We are all special to God but no one is more special than any other. God loves the sinner as well as the saint. But the secret to sainthood is to take the back seat in your mind and all saints feel un-special.

Claire Monsour suffered from both these sicknesses before she ever heard of MMM. She first became involved with Myrna Nazzour when her husband, a doctor, was called to investigate Myrna's stigmata. Having a great deal of money they then tried to become the one and only promoters of Myrna, even to the extent of slandering, attaching and lying about any and everyone who was involved except themselves. With hundreds of millions of dollars they actually caused the bankruptcy of some people who only wanted to promote the messages of Myrna.

But that was not enough for Claire Monsour, she then became involved with the Pebble of Australia and 5 other seers who broke off from him.

Claire Monsour is best known for her financial support of Vassula Ryden. In fact it was Claire Monsour who put Vassula into the spotlight.

And now Claire is complaining that she was harmed in the same way that she harmed so many other people. She has launched legal action against the Magnificat Meal Movement (MMM) "cult" leader Debra Geileskey for refusing to repay a $600,000 property loan.

The Courier-Mail reports that Claire and Dr Antoine Mansour also claim they intend to sue Ms Geileskey for millions of dollars over claims they had been involved in the production of a pornographic movie.

Before believing in any supernatural event, wait for the approval of the Church!

Our Lady of Fatima, intercede for us!

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