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John Vennari reports there are some strange claims being made by a prominent Italian journalist and by Archbishop Loris Francesco Capovilla regarding the text of the Third Secret of Fatima:

On May 31, Cardinal Bertone appeared on Porta a Porta [Door to Door], an evening program on RIA Uno, a nationwide Italian Television station.

The purpose of Cardinal Bertone’s appearance was supposedly to answer the claim that there is still a part of the Third Secret not yet published.

The controversy has received much attention in Italy due to Antonio Socci’s book The Fourth Secret of Fatima, released in November 2006. In this book, Socci concludes, based on substantial evidence, that the entire Third Secret has not yet been revealed. ...

Since the publication of Mr. Socci’s book, I have twice had the opportunity to correspond with Mr. Solideo Paolini, the Italian journalist who interviewed Archbishop Capovilla, who admitted there were two texts. It was Mr. Paolini who supplied this information to Mr. Socci who published it in The Fourth Secret of Fatima.

I asked Mr. Paolini to explain why the testimony of Archbishop Capovilla is important.

“Archbishop Loris Francesco Capovilla was the personal Secretary of Pope John XXIII,” responded Mr. Paolini, “the first Pope who opened the envelope containing the Third Secret of Fatima. When Pope John XXIII opened the envelope, Archbishop Capovilla, as his Secretary, was present. After this, taking dictation from Pope John, he wrote on the outside of the envelope the judgment given by John XXIII about the Third Secret, so he is an extraordinarily important witness.”

When asked for a brief summary of his meeting with Archbishop Capovilla, Mr. Paolini recounted:

“I met Archbishop Loris Francesco Capovilla on July 5th 2006 in Sotto il Monte [name of a town] at his house. Since this very first meeting, during our private conversation, he made me implicitly but unequivocally understand something about the existence of two texts, or at least about not revealed things regarding the Third Secret. When I asked him the question [about the Secret], he literally answered: ‘No, look, since it was officially revealed, I must abide by what was declared in the official documents, even if I may know something more’. And at that point, when he said those words ‘even if I may know something more’, he smiled ironically. Since I was there, I was able to see from his gestures that it was clear: there is something more than what was revealed during the Holy Year 2000 [by the Vatican].

“But what Archbishop Capovilla said to me during a phone call is even more a dead giveaway. When he sent me his answers [by mail to questions I had sent to him], I called him on the phone, and he gave me the answer to a question of mine which literally was: ‘So, Excellence, as regards the two dates in which Pope Paul VI (should have) read the Third Secret, March 27, 1965 and June 27, 1965, which are confirmed by different sources, are they both correct be-cause two texts regarding the Third Secret exist?’ I asked him pointblank: he remained silent for a moment, thinking about it, and then he said to me, literally: ‘Precisely so (Per l’appunto)’. This is the most explicit confirmation that anyone could give.”revealed.

There is also a question about text that should have appeared on the envelope but was not there, and the size of the envelope is also in question. But by far the most significant information in the article is the claim that there are two versions of the secret.

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