Thursday, August 02, 2007


Did you know that there are two popes--a black one and a white one? Athol Bloomer knows. He was given the message and on February 13, 2007, he blogged it:

The Black Pope who is no pope is seeking to seize the reigns of my church....He will serve the evil Armillus who is called Mahdi and third antichrist....Remain loyal to my White Pope who goes into exile and follow his teaching. This is not the time of the fourth and final antichrist but the time of the third of four....The final antichrist was conceived in 1998...My white Pope will die in the exile and my French Jewish Pope will be elected in exile. He is not a Cardinal at this time, nor bishop but is found among the lay awaiting the time of the exiled and underground Church; then will the white Pope raise him to clerical leadership. He is the Pope that will end the schism in the Church- all will be united under him. He will be the Pope of the Holy Spirit adorned in red.

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